NUR ECO RESORT GROUP, is the name given to represent our wonderful NUR eco-resorts  in the peninsular of Malaysia that offers  natural charm and spectacular beauty of  tropical  flora and fauna

Tropical rainforest, crystal clear water and stoney river, waterfall,  pond and lakes, hills and valleys, close to nature, near to city,  can be considered as the standard backdrop for all resorts under the NUR ECO RESORT GROUP

The ideal combinations of back to nature environment,  simple and comfortable accommodations,  well equipped halls and training rooms, interesting indoor activities,  adventurous and challenging outdoor activities, attract  all walk of life to the resort.

Individuals, families, students, government and corporate groups come to unwind or mainly to participate in sessions namely teambonding courses, seminars, retreats and family day event in the resort. Others simply come to appreciate or gather priceless information regarding  flora and fauna that can be found surrounding all NUR eco-resorts.

Nur Eco Resort Locations

Hulu Langat, Selangor
Sungai Tua, Selangor
Jenderam Hilir, Selangor
Sungai Tua, Selangor